Get started with kmdr-cli

This document describes how to install and sign-in to the kmdr-cli (for Quick Info on teminal commands only).


You will need to have the following installed on your computer:

  • A package manager like npm
  • Node.js v8.x and above

The commands below are to be run in the Terminal application of your computer.


Use your package manager (ie npm) to install kmdr-cli.

Check installation

Check if Kmdr was correctly installed on your system.

Log in

Kmdr uses an email-based, passwordless authentication for logging in. Whether it is your first time using Kmdr or you are a returning user, you will be prompted to authenticate via email in order to run queries.

Log in to the kmdr-cli and enter your email where prompted

Check your email inbox and click on the link provided in the email from Kmdr. You will have 10 minutes to authenticate before the link expires and you are required to re-enter your email to receive a new link.

You will now be able to run queries using the kmdr-cli. We highly recommend that you Create an account. Accounts enable you to customize settings and take advantage of upcoming feature releases.