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Types declarations for React and VueJS

(v5.1.0) : Kmdr now loads the type declarations for React and VueJS APIs when you browse reactjs.org and vuejs.org docs.

quick info
quick info

Display filename in header

(v5.1.0) In some cases, Kmdr will load the filename of the code snippet and display it in the header. Feature available only if code snippet has the data-filename attribute set. (demo https://remix.run/docs/en/v1/api/conventions)

Differentiated Bash output

(v5.0.8) Oftentimes, output is included in code snippets that provide examples for the command line. Kmdr now differentiates output from commands in its syntax highlighting.

Screen capture showing output colored grey while the command is differentiated and has definitions on hover.
Screen capture showing output colored grey while the command is differentiated and has definitions on hover.

Better snippet detection

(v5.0.8) Improved support for detection of JavaScript, TypeScript and CSS snippets on websites you browse.

Coverage for LESS, and SCSS

(v5.0) Code snippets that are documented as LESS or SCSS now have syntax highlighting, trusted documentation links, and quick info on mouse over! We will continue to expand on web technology coverage with more JavaScript frameworks and libraries throughout the month of November.

HTML and CSS quick info at parity with VSCode

(v5.0) We've improved syntax highlighting and verbosity for HTML and CSS so that it's at parity with VS Code. We've added quick info for HTML elements so they're as interact-able as HTML attributes in previous releases. Now, when you mouse over an HTML element, you'll see a definition for the element and a link to trusted documentation where you can learn more on how to use it in your code.

Quick info, JSDoc and cross-snippet referencing for JS and TypeScript

(v5.0) Prior releases of Kmdr detected JavaScript code snippets and gave users consistent syntax highlighting. Now, users can mouse over key words in JavaScript and TypeScript code snippets and get rich metadata about JS standard built-in objects, including their methods, parameters and properties. Any annotations included in snippets using JSDoc are referenced in quick info so that users can quickly see declarations just as they would in Visual Studio Code. Cross-snippet referencing is also enabled this release so that any declarations made in code snippets early on in a webpage are referenced in quick info for snippets later down the page.

Interacting with a JavaScript codeblock. Quick info includes annotation from JSDoc.
Interacting with a JavaScript codeblock. Quick info includes annotation from JSDoc.

(v5.0) Closer to what you're used to with IDEs, the pop-ups on mouse over now include a link to more verbose information on the identifier you hovered over. Hover over flex-wrap in the snippet below to see a link to the MDN documentation for the CSS property.

Syntax Highlighting for JavaScript Snippets Now Included

v4.5.0) We have included syntax highlighting for JavaScript on select websites: MDN web docs, w3 Schools, and StackOverflow. As a means to get value to our users asap; we have shipped syntax highlighting as we continue to work on enabling definitions. The color scheme for JS is consistent with the other languages included in Kmdr.

Quick Survey on Install

We want to know how you heard about Kmdr so we can focus on those channels and continue to gain more users. We are also wanting to hear what languages you are interested in learning or using so that we can supplement external research and ensure the next language we expand to next aligns with our most important users: current users.

We've included a pop-up window with these two questions on the page presented on extension install. Both questions are optional.

Pop up survey
Pop up survey

HTTP Supported

In the past, Kmdr had only supported HTTPS protocols. Now, snippets can be transformed on websites that use the HTTP (non-secure) protocol as well 🎉

Sign Up is Optional

You can now kick the tires of Kmdr without providing your email to Sign Up. Transform the Bash, CSS, and HTML snippets in your browser anytime after installing the extension. An account is still required to save and personalize your settings.

HTML and CSS Snippets Included

Kmdr now detects and transforms HTML and CSS code blocks. Get Quick Info for each attribute of a CLI command, a CSS property, or an HTML element right where you find the code.

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Replace Bash code blocks as you browse

The browser extension now has settings that allow you to replace Bash code blocks as you browse. When set to "Replace code blocks automatically", we will detect Bash code blocks and transform them to include syntax highlighting and definitions on hover.

See: Change extension settings for more details.

Browser Extension for Terminal Commands

Kmdr browser extension is on Chrome and helps you understand terminal commands as you browse.

See: Get started with extension for more details.

Login with Google

Users can sign up with their Google account.

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